The widespread adoption and utilization of digitization has opened the way to gathering large amounts of information that record detailed data for many systems of interest. There are many such examples that include telecommunication networks, online social-media platforms, biological systems, social and economic data, medical records, geographical data and so on. Many of these systems are typically represented as networks, and graph and many other techniques are used to analyze the available data. Furthermore, as our data-gathering and storing capacity has increased, it is now possible to collect data the record  a static and dynamic aggregate view of the underlying network. This view of large aggregates of data poses new challenges and opens new research directions. The objective of the proposed conference is thus to develop the theoretical as well as practical foundations and to design to handle digital data and digital information. The themes include a very large number of topics as given below, but not limited.

  • digital formats of data and information
  • digital processing
  • digital storage
  • digital handling
  • web content and data
  • applications in different domains that include science, technology, society, media etc
  • domain specific data and information handling
  • case studies on any of the above themes

Papers are invited on the above topics.

Publishers can be submitted online using the template given in the submission page.

Selected papers will be published in the following journals after revision
(list pending)

  • The Journal of Intelligent Systems
  • Journal of Digital Information Management
  • International Journal of Web Applications
  • Journal of Data Processing
  • Journal of Information Organization
  • Transactions on Machine Design
  • Progress in Machines and Systems

Important dates

Submission of Papers April 20, 2016
Notification of acceptance- May 05, 2016
Camera ready May 22, 2016
Conference Dates July 01-03, 2016