Dear ICADIWT Participant

I am sorry to inform you that the prices of your reservation will be increased to 15 Euro PER PERSON.

The reason for this is the strong currency of Czech Republic. Please note that we use Crown or Euro. Each Euro worth around 24 CZK.

Please note that accommodation is located inside the campus. The campus is open 24 hours. The exact address is

       Studentská 1770,
       700 32 Ostrava-Poruba,
       Czech Republic

Phone number is +420 596 991 211 and +420 596 996 155.

Travel information - How to Reach Ostrava from Prag or Vienna

 From Prag:

Plain to Ostrava Airport
   - you may use any flight ticket provider, price depends on provider and other things

Fast Train Pendolino from Prag Holesovice to Ostrava Svinov,
   - you may find connection using sites, approx price is 630 CZK.
   - you MUST have a ticket before and some trains may be fully booked

Train from Prag,
   - you may find connection at
   - for most trains you needn't reservation
   - price is approx 430 CZK

 From Vienna:

Train to Ostrava
   - all trains to Ostrava depart from Vienna South Station (Wien Südbahnhof Bstg.)
   - only 3 trains are direct, they depart at 9:08, 14:33 and 22:33
   - other trains have at least one change in Brno or Breclav
   - the price is about 35 EURO

How to reach Student Residence:

 From Ostrava Airport:
   - Best possible transport is Taxi, because Ostrava has only few buses to the Airport now.
   - Approx price is 600-800 CZK

 From Ostrava Svinov Station
   - Again the best possible transport is taxi, because directly from Station don't go buses to Student residence in holidays.
   - the price wil be about 100-150 CZK

   - you may go to Tram Station (approx 5 minutes from train station) and then using Train 7, 8 or 17 to station 17. listopadu (10 minutes) and then approx. 10-15 minutes walk to Student Residence.