Contents of Vol. 2, No. 1, March 2010.

A New Effective System for Filtering Pornography Images from Web Pages and PDF Files  
Moheb R. Girgis, Tarek M. Mahmoud, Tarek Abd-El-Hafeez  
Similarity Methods Using Multi Attribute type for Clustering  
Deng Hongyao, Song Xiuli  
Cooperation of Autonomous Mobile Robots Using an Intelligent Integrated Approach  
Khalil Shihab  
A 3D Wavelet Transform-Based spatial-temporal approach for Digital Video Watermarking  
A.Essaouabi, E.Ibnelhaj  
A Quality of Service Aware Routing Using Multiple Paths for TDMA-Based Ad hoc Networks  
Khaled Abdullah Mohd Al Soufy, Ash Mohammad Abbas 
User Identification across Social Networks using the Web Profile and Friend Network  
Jan Vosecky, Dan Hong, Vincent Y. Shen  
A Novel Market Learning Algorithm for Grid Resource Allocation  
Saeed Parsa, Amin Shokri