About Us

The Digital Information Research Foundation (DIRF) is a not-for-profit society engaged in digital information research particularly in the processing and organization of digital information. It has a strong executive and advisory council supported by a large number of academic s and scientists. It sponsors research projects and programs. It publishes many journals in digital information management.

The DIRF was established in India during 2003. It has many associate partners across countries. DIRF has membership in Cross Ref, One World Organization, World Summit Award and so on. Some of their co-organization activities are wide.
DIRF has presence across countries either through its overseas offices or allied offices. Some of their allied partner web pages are www.dline.info, www.ndtconf.org. www.icdim.org. www.socio.org.uk etc.

DIRF offers training on different areas such as ICT, Information Technology and Academic and Scientific orientation.

DIRF publishes a large number of conference proceedings and undertake projects. The members of the DIRF are located at a large number of countries.

Further information about is available at www.dirf.org and its allied web sites www.dline.info and www.socio.org.uk

Details also can be obtained from service@dirf.org or info@dirf.org


The DIRF has collaborating partners across countries. Some of them are

Mosharaka, Jordan

Institute of Electronic and Information Technology (IEIT), China




High Education Forum, Taiwan