DIRF has a strong publication department with the output such as books, reports, conference proceedings, journals and research projects. They are published by its own office and allied partners such as Digital Information Research Ltd,. UK and Digital Information Research Foundation, Thailand.

Content Editing and Language Editing

Scientific editing involves writing and editing services for journal papers, reports, projects, funding proposals and related ones. Many good papers and research works are rejected because of poor writing and presentation. When English is the mother tongue of researchers it is difficult for them to produce high quality content and ensure right content and presentation. When they put their ides in raw and crude way, it should be refined. It is impossible for the researchers to learn English for preparing the good content. Ensuring error-free writing is important to present papers.

We have good experience in editing scientific content and writing. Writing and editing involves good English writing and content presentation for which the writer needs English writing skills and domain knowledge.

We with a strong team of experience editors ensure correct presentation and we assure to improve your presentation with our domain knowledge.

We do the following work and services.

Basic writing, content enhancement, copy-editing, proof reading, rewriting and related ones. You can contact us info at dirf.og and service at