Volunteering to Review for the ICICCA 2010 Conference

Thank you for volunteering to be a reviewer for the second ICCA 2010 Conference. Please note that you must have a Ph.D. Before signing up, please make sure that you understand the obligation that we ask you.

1. Your reviewing must be at least one or more pages of constructive comments to the authors, regardless of whether you recommend acceptance or rejection or major changes.?

2. Reviewers need to review the assigned paper to them in two weeks. If you want additional papers, please send us email at icicca@dline.info

3. Please send us your cv ( or resume) to icicca@dline.info. Once we receive it, we will send you the password to sign in two days, once you get it, please visit http://www.icdim.org/icicca/openconf.php, click on Reviewer Sign Up and enter the password that we will send it to you through email. This will take you to a form which collects your preferences and specializations.