Workshop on Dutch-Indian Collaborationin Software Business

Call for Participation

Workshop on Dutch-Indian Collaboration in Software Business (WDICSB’10)
Collaboration in outsourcing

July 20th 2010, in Bangalore, India

In conjunction with The International Conference on Informatics, Cybernetics and Computer Applciaitons (ICICCA 2010)

Workshop Objective

In their search for competitive advantage, nowadays more and more companies find outsourcing a solution to challenges like cutting down costs or lack of internal expertise. ICT outsourcing has become a global phenomenon, in which managers are trying to maximize the value of their collaboration partnerships by looking for the most favourable outsourcing environments. In this context, India represents one of the most popular destinations worldwide, because of the high quality education, cost-effective services and positive political climate it offers. But together with the wide range of benefits provided by outsourcing to India, companies also have to take into account a number of challenges. Cultural differences and distance are only some of the aspects that might affect the collaboration and if not handled properly can diminish the value that both partners are expecting.

To assist companies with solving these challenges and achieving better results, Utrecht University is conducting a research program on Collaboration in Outsourcing. The project will take place partly in the Netherlands and partly in India and has the scope of gathering first-hand d
ata on both sides of the collaboration. Outsourcing and offshoring represent broad subjects with unlimited possibilities, but also many questions to be answered. We will cover topics such as risk and quality management, outsourcing partner selection criteria, communication and collaboration tools and outsourcing relationship management. The ultimate scope of this research is to capture valuable insights from case studies over large outsourcing projects and companies, to observe and analyse patterns and best practices and to make companies more aware of the means to achieve success when pursuing outsourcing projects.

The purpose of this workshop on Dutch-Indian Collaboration in Software Business is to further enrich the body of knowledge in this area, by exchanging research work and expertise with academics and business professionals. Considering the relevance of outsourcing to the global business environment and the uncertainty that still exists in this field, the workshop aims to contribute to a better understanding of challenges, benefits and possible solutions.

Relevant Topics

Presentations shall address topics of interest related to collaboration in outsourcing.
Possible subjects are:
• Knowledge Repositories
• Knowledge Management
• Security Risk Management
• Computer Mediated Communication
• Collaboration Tools Portfolios
• Maintaining Quality
• SCRUM in Distributed Teams
• Project Coordination
• Partner Selection Criteria
• Distributed Architecting
• Outsourcing Relationship Management
• Conflict Resolution
• Team Composition
• Service Level Agreements
• Distributed Requirements Management
• Mission Critical Outsourcing
• Software Development Tools and Practices
• Software Quality Management

Workshop proceedings

The proceedings of this workshop will be included in an official publication by Utrecht University. The proceedings will consist of the contributions of the research project and of any outside contributions to the workshop. The proceedings will be published as a book, with a renowned publisher in the computer and information science domain.


We welcome both academic and industry presentations to this workshop. You can find above a list of topics of interest related to the subject of outsourcing, but we are open to any suggestions or ideas. If you are interested in this workshop and would like to give a presentation or actively participate in it, please contact Slinger Jansen (slinger at

Discussion Panel

At the end of the Workshop on Dutch-Indian Collaboration in Software Business a discussion panel will be organized to discuss the topics and the goals of the workshop in further detail. We believe that this activity will add value to the whole event, as it will structure and further develop our knowledge.

Important dates

8th of July: Express intent to cooperate in the workshop
10th July: Registration
20th of July: The Workshop on Dutch-Indian Collaboration in Software Business (WDICSB’10)


Early Bird (before July 10, 2010)

Academia- Rs. 1000/ -

Industry Individual - Rs. 5000/ -- Group (two or more than two) (for each)- Rs. 3000/-

Late (After July 11, 2010)

Academia Rs. 1200/ - Industry Individual Rs. 5500/ -- Group (two or more than two) -Rs 3500/

Registration fee in the form of demand draft in favor or ‘Digital Information Research Foundation’
should be sent to the following address.

Digital Information Research Foundation, New # 11 Ramanujam Street, T. Nagar, Chennai 600 017.

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