We offer the following training programmes in India and other countries.

1. Scientific and Research Writing

The programme will discuss the ways to optimize the research publication activities and the structure of research publications, review and indexing process, methods of generating good publications, demonstration of global indexing databases, research networks and other citation and evaluation metrics.
The next program will be held at the Vellalar College, Erodie during Jan -3-4, 2020.

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You can submit the draft papers for discussion during the workshop HERE

2. Writing Research/Project/Funding Proposals

Writing and preparing a proposal for project funding differs from other practices. For example, writing a research paper differs considerably from the project proposal. We guide the participants to prepare effective and attractive project proposals in this programme.

3. Effective exploitation of web content and global research networks

Web, if properly used can serve as a resource as well as a tool. Many of us while navigating the web, land in a wrong direction. Thus, people suffer from 'cyber syndrome'. We provide the model or system to navigate perfectly and exploit the web content in an ideal way.

4. Scientific Databases

Databases can be open or propriety and structured or unstructured. We in this programme, train to develop structured databases and organize the database by drawing data from heterogeneous sources. We offer complete training about research data management practices. It includes search, access, use, draw, collect, store, archive, update, and retrieve data repositories across domains and sources.

For additional information and details about the programme, you can contact us.

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